1. Can I review the sites you have designed previously?
Sure, please visit the link http://www.arshlink.com/portfolio/ and click on Websites to see working examples of sites our designers and developers have completed for other clients.

2. How much would you charge?
Our prices are very competitive, to give you a general idea visit the link http://www.arshlink.com/pricing/ Prices listed are for complete solution, you will be paying a fixed fee for the whole site not charged hourly for all requests. The quoted prices can be negotiated.

3. Will I have a contact to update me on work status?
Certainly, you will stay in touch during the development process with one person working as liaison between client, designer and developer. Working with Exaltech would be having a central point of contact dedicated to your site will ensure that one person stays informed on the status of the project.

4. How many rounds of revisions am I allowed?
Project will progress in stages and each milestone will be approved by client before the next step get started. You will you be allowed to make edits at each stage of the project, such as design and development. You are you allowed three rounds of revisions for each stage.

5. What are your payment terms?
Exaltech will request a deposit to begin work, with either the final payment due upon project completion or partial payments at key stages during the site’s development. Once a stage is completed and approved, the payment would be due before moving on to next stage. Payment terms can be agreed before signing up the project contract.

6. Can I edit the website myself, and which parts?
If you ask for a dynamic solution, Exaltech team will provide you with a content management system and give you an hour of training on how to use it. Using the given username and password, you will be able to edit text and images easily. You will not be able to make any structural changes at your own.

7. What support do you offer after the site goes live?
Exaltech provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring services. In case if the site gets hacked or if something stops working, our team will review and support. However, if a client causes reset/deletion/alteration of code using control panel, client will have to bear the cost to restore site back to normal.

8. Do you start from templates or build custom sites?
We offer both, the customised sites as well as template based. We always buy licensed code segments and handover to client for record. Should you need an updated templates or support for the theme in use, Exaltech will assist you 100% free of cost as long as the theme writer is not charging us.

9. How long does a typical website project take?
Every project is different but ask how long does it take to complete also depends upon clients availability and involvement to finalise a stage. If client is decisive about the content, normally it takes less than a month. Particular the product images and categorising content takes, to ensure things stay on time clients are requested to respond back ASAP.

10. Will it be a responsive site that works on multiple mobile and tablet devices?
YES, the site be coded for responsive design. We will design for mobile and tablets. For mobiles, it will be load-optimised or it could be smaller version of the desktop site, it depends on client’s choice as some clients wish to keep the same look as available on desktop.

11. What assets do I need to supply to Exaltech?
Client need to clarify responsibilities at the time of signing contract and tell us if text and images are available or Exaltech team has to organise a their own. Get in writing all expectations and requirements you wish so that both parties are held accountable for quality and delivery date.

Exaltech can provide a work schedule showing dates and deadlines on when deliverables are due or when you need to provide assets and feedback. We prefer client provide us with any copy and images at the start of project.

12. Will Exaltech write the content?
We employ copywriters to manage the writing and optimisation of your website’s text. If that is the case, ask if you need to provide bullet points for each page. If you are writing the copy, ask for guidance and we will be more than happy to assist you. Ask for suggested word counts and SEO keywords to include for each page.

13. What SEO or marketing facility will be in the site?
Exaltech web designer will be performing on-site search engine optimisation during the setup process. Also, we will submit your site to local or niche directories depending upon the package a client signs for. Once the site is launched, client will continue to optimise content, blog posts or compose additional ongoing content. If such services are needed, Exaltech will require ongoing fees.

14. What other services do you provide?
Although you might have engaged Exaltech to create only website, we do provide additional services, such as email campaign, domain and hosting, product photography and social media content or tools. This could help make your design and online marketing more consistent.

15. What type of results can I expect?
If you website is for selling products online, we highly recommend to get involved with Google Merchant Feed along with retargeting campaign to see better outcome. Organic SEO will also help and will take time but paid marketing activities will help you grow faster. Exaltech will track conversions, and review stats of analytics from the CMS and Google Analytics.

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