About Exaltech

At Exaltech, we are conglomerate of IT professionals working jointly to create praiseworthy websites. We offer co-related services globally at competitive prices. Prior to this venture, we have offered similar services under the name of Hamedson Design Studio, which is still serving the UK local market. The idea of creating this new company was to raise the bar for quality by utilising accumulated technical knowledge while offering a lower production cost.

Our experience as a team suggests that to be successful in this fiercely competitive world of business, you need a website to reach your clients and customers 24/7. Remember, an original and unique website helps you build your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. It adds legitimacy of your business and increases your reliability and validity among your clients or customers.

Having a well-designed website, with full contact information and clearly stated objectives, increases a business’ creditability. Furthermore, suspicion is reduced if business matching domain based emails are used for correspondence. Therefore, we always recommend out clients to have a domain name associated to their business.

Exaltech holds a very original approach when guiding its clients. The team guides its clients from day one to the day when the website is fully launched. Hence, we are committed to providing technical support to clients throughout the process, which enables our clients to continue focusing on their work rather than struggling to understand the technicality of website control panel. We also help them grow through online advertising and social media marketing. This effectively increases traffic to your website, resulting in an increased business interest and therefore converting into potential clients.

We take pride in our outstanding professional performance, planning, designing and delivery of the content. Our innovative and creative approach is highly appreciated by our clients. We take full responsibility of any project assigned to us, ensuring timed delivery and excellent service. Therefore, most of the clients request further services from us, including turnkey solutions, which we are very proud of.

You can count on us, we are registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10668155. Call us to be in good hands 0161 660 9511.  Wish to send a query via email contact@arshlink.com or via post to Exaltech Limited, 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheshire SK8 3GP, United Kingdom.

With Best Wishes
Exlatech Limited